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1st Grade Supply List - 2016
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016
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Joe M. Gillmore Elementary School

1st Grade Supply List for 2016-2017


Every 1st grade child needs these supplies.


· 1 box gallon Ziploc bags (boys) 

· 1 box quart Ziploc bags (girls) 

· 1 pair Fiskar scissors (blunt 5”) 

· 36—No. 2 pencils Megabrand USA Gold 

· 3 LARGE boxes Kleenex 

· 1 LARGE Bottle Hand Sanitizer (30 oz)

· 4 boxes Crayola crayons (24 count) 

· 1 small plastic snap-top pencil box 

· 1 box washable markers 

· 1 bottle Elmer’s glue 

· 4 glue sticks (no gel glue please) 

· 4 large boxes baby wipes - (no travel packs) 

· 8 rolls paper towels 

· 2 boxes tall drawstring garbage bags (13 gallon) 

· 2 pink gum erasers 

· 1 large can Clorox wipes 

· 1 bottle Clorox Clean Up spray

· 4 Pk Highlighters Multicolor


Below are the additional supplies needed for each individual teacher. Purchase these supplies once your child is notified of his/her teacher’s name. The $19 fee should be paid at Meet the Teacher in August








BOYS– 1 box color EXPO Markers 

GIRLS– 1 box black EXPO Markers 

1 Plastic placemat 

1 can disinfectant spray 

1 pack cap erasers   (NO gum erasers) 

3-ring zipper pouch 




2 PLASTIC pocket folders - (no prongs)

1 pkg Colored Copy Paper

1 pkg cardstock

1 Zipper pouch

Individually wrapped candy (no chocolate)

Air freshener

Lysol foam cleaner




 Expo Markers  

Colored Copy paper  

No Folders

1 plastic placemat

1 can air freshener

Individually wrapped candy (no chocolate)  

Quart Size Storage bags only 




1 spiral notebook - (70 sheets) 

2 plastic pocket folders  (no center prongs) 

GIRLS– 1 pkg. white cardstock 

BOYS– Color Copy Paper (light or bright) 

Individually wrapped candy—Skittles or jelly beans




1 pack primary color copy paper 

4 glue sticks 

1 box small paper clips 

Individually wrapped   candy (no chocolate) 

 DO NOT purchase Elmer’s bottle glue for this class.




1 PLASTIC folders(NO Prongs) 

1 EXPO Dry Erase Marker 

1 Pkg Colored Copy Paper (not cardstock) 

1 can of air freshener 

3-ring zipper Pouch

1 plastic placemat





3-ring zipper Pouch

GIRLS - 1 Pkg Colored Copy Paper (not cardstock)

BOYS- 1 Pkg white cardstock 

2 PLASTIC pocket folders - Blue & Red

1 pk cap erasers 

1 plastic placemat

Individually wrapped candy (no chocolate)

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